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We Bought A House

June 21, 2017

Several months ago, we began this journey to buy this house. I’m still not sure we made the most wise decision in dropping this cash, on this house, in this city, at this point in our lives, but YOLO, right?

I’ll share more of the home buying story along the way, but wanted to get this first post out there and make this new venture official.

Years ago, I blogged, and blogged quite regularly over at Wades’ World. My 12 year old was about 2 when I started that blog! What?!? I always say that was before the days of Facebook and Instagram, when blogging really was one of the only ways for us to share life with our family and friends, near and far.

When we made an offer on the Yellow Cottage in March and started the long process of waiting 2 months to closing day, I began formulating plans for a new writing space, kind of a new beginning for me. We’re in a new phase of life. Maybe different is a more accurate description of where we are. ¬†Nothing is ever all that new in our lives, just different.

I want to share real life with you – the nitty, gritty, dirty, hard, challenging, and ever so REAL – stuff that happens in the 4 walls of the Yellow Cottage. You may hear about all of my decorating fails, and there are many! You may hear about how I want to hide in my closet from my tantrum throwing 4 year old whom we are convinced has some psychological issue or about my quite athletic, 6 pack toting 8 year old who has the sweetest little giggle, but has an aversion to the word clean!

This is all me – my opinions – my observations – life through my life experiences filter! Read at your own risk! You’ve been warned!¬†

Let’s laugh. Let’s cry. Let’s shout Hallelujah! Let’s pretend we’re drinking coffee on the 2nd story porch, watching the construction workers, together. Or we could pretend we’re sitting on the back porch under the well hung string lights being attacked by june bugs. You choose…but let’s imagine we’re somewhere together, experiencing Yellow Cottage Living!