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Command Center

June 28, 2017

We’ve had the keys to the Yellow Cottage for a little over a month. Thankfully, every week of those 4 weeks or so was about the same. Swim practice. Unpack. Clean the rental. Swim Meet. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

However, our schedule is starting to pick up a bit and it became very important to me, like obsessive, that we have a calendar on the wall like yesterday! We had a good little set up at the other house with a dry erase calendar, chalkboard and a cork board. It was a hodge podge mix of stuff and I wanted the one in this house to be a little more polished. Then I realized that if I wanted it all on the same wall, I only had about 30 inches of wall space.

I fell in love with this chalkboard from Kirkland’s and purchased it before I considered how small the space for a calendar would be beside it. Oops! So I returned a frame to Marshall’s and went on the hunt for one with a skinnier frame. And if you know much about me, you know I’m a bargain shopper to the core! I don’t pay full price for anything…anything…and especially not at Hobby Lobby!

I waited for wall frames to go on sale this week at Hobby Lobby to buy a frame for the calendar. Guess where I was at 9am Monday morning? Yep. Hob Lob! This frame isn’t a perfect match, but it will do. I had to make this calendar template and have it printed by Shutterfly to fit an 11×14 frame. That was really a pain because Word, or whatever Microsoft Office product I was using, wouldn’t let me highlight every cell to add the border. I had to add the border one.cell.at.a.time. Thankfully, I recruited my 12 year old to sit and highlight and add the borders to the cells or I may have lost a little more of my mind!

I’m pretty pleased with how it all turned out. The blessing of having a calendar on the wall is knowing what’s going on in the weeks ahead. The curse, on the flip side, is fielding the 95,000 questions from inquiring kiddos who want to know the details about what’s happening in 2 weeks! No secrets when there’s a calendar on the wall. Truth!

Chalkboard – Kirkland’s
Every day is a blessing sign – Kirkland’s
11×14 wood frame – Hobby Lobby
Wood Hooks – Hobby Lobby
Pails – Target
Chalkboard Pencils – Target