Friday Fave

July 1, 2017

We’ve had a long week of cleaning and other life adventures, but I thought I would share something we LOVED this week. I made 2 batches of them so far because we just couldn’t get enough. A dozen suddenly disappeared yesterday and there were only 2 kids at home! I’m not sure any of the 4 of us present were totally honest, or could remember how many we had personally eaten straight off the pan.

I first made these chocolate chip cookies from Center Cut Cook back in the fall. People I shared them with raved about how great they were. They became my go to cookie when I needed to make a treat to take to get-togethers or when I provided dessert for youth meals at church.

I haven’t made them in a while, but this week was weird and stressful and boring and monotonous so it was definitely a good week for moist chocolate chip cookies! I think we may have had brownies one day this week, too. That kind of week!

At our weekly swim meet on Wednesday, the good parents that we are hid a container of these from the kids for our own enjoyment. My husband and little swimmer son said they were the best cookies they’ve ever put in their mouths. So maybe we did share one cookie with each of the 2 swimmer kids!

One of the reasons I like this particular recipe so much is it calls for melted butter. Like put it in the microwave for 1 minute and it’s ready! Anyone else struggle to set sticks of butter out to ‘soften?’ That takes too long and I am too impatient to wait for butter to reach the perfect level of soft. This batter does require a little time in the refrigerator, though, but in my baking adventures I’ve found that my favorite cookies all require chilling the dough! I can wait for that. Softening butter, no thanks!

These must be under-cooked just a tad to keep the chewy consistency in the middle. My mouth is watering thinking about these! I turned the oven on a few minutes ago because I thought I had a little bit of dough left to make just a couple for a late night snack, but it turns out my husband and youngest child found it in the refrigerator this morning while I was scrubbing grout at the ‘old house.’ No bueno! (Keys to the ‘old house’ are back in the hands of the landlord/owner. Praise the Lord.)

If you need an easy, but oh so yummy treat to take to your 4th of July celebrations, this is the cookie for you! Or you can call me and I’ll whip you up a batch — for a small price!