Friday Faves

Friday Faves

July 7, 2017

I spend a ton of time swiping through Instagram (IG) in my spare time or in the time I spend avoiding doing things that are much more important! I love IG because it’s mainly pictures and not full of advertisements or shared memes like my Facebook feed seems to be these days. I love some memes, but I also love real life.

I know, I know…social media is not real life. I get that. We aren’t all willing to share our dirty laundry with the world and some like to make their lives appear as though their house is perpetually cleaned and staged; their kids are all well groomed and well dressed at all times; their marriage is this perfect bliss where husband and wife serve and love each other every single minute of every day. Gag me! Most social media posts are just the ‘highlight reel’ of our lives.

Back to IG…I have some favorites that I follow for various reasons and thought I would share a few of those with you today. Maybe you’ll find someone new to follow or be inspired by these people’s journeys.

  1. I Lost Big and So Can You – Kristine has achieved significant weight loss and managed to keep it mostly off. She shares her successes and struggles as she strives to keep the weight off or shed a few more pounds.
  2. Our Faux Farmhouse – This is a couple in TX (I’m loyal to people who reside in the great state) who live in a typical subdivision, but who give their homes a great farmhouse feel. Lots of beautiful inspiration.
  3. WW_Teacher – Jenn is currently a TX resident, but moving to Washington State soon. She taught me about Iced Protein Coffee and lots of other great Weight Watcher tips!
  4. H34 Design Co. – I heard about John through a friend and contacted him to build my new dining room table that I have yet to share with you! He does fantastic work. I love seeing the things he and his wife create.
  5. Caycee07 – I used to follow Caycee long before Instagram, when she was just a blogger sharing life, home and fashion stuff. She’s a low country SC girl. I rediscovered her a couple of years ago and enjoy hearing her take on fashion and life. She has a bigger clothing budget than I ever will, but she’s still fun to follow!

Who are your favorite IG follows? I desperately need to clean out my feed, but I love discovering new fun people or groups to follow. Share your faves!