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Decorating Roadblocks for Real Moms

January 17, 2018

I love the thought of living in a beautifully decorated home. I want my house to feel like a ‘warm hug’ for people who walk through the door. Unfortunately, I have a few decorating roadblocks that often hinder me from completing my desired overall look! Maybe you have some of these roadblocks, as well.

Children“This is why we can’t have nice things!” Have you heard a parent say that? I know I think it and say it! Unfortunately, it’s a fairly accurate sentiment. It’s true inside our homes and it’s true in our garages and it’s true in our cars – pretty much everywhere our children venture. Unless micromanaging is your superpower, kids have no natural boundaries. They will put their dirty feet or shoes on anything. They will eat a bag of Cheetos and then drag their fingers across the wall. They throw and kick balls inside the house with no thought of the glass vase that could accidentally go crashing down.  They spill or drip and never think twice about getting a towel to wipe up their mess! We live in our house so my decor has to endure my kids and their antics.

Frequent Relocation – The ability to decorate a new house every few years does create some delight in my little decorator heart. However, knowing each place we live is only temporary or doesn’t belong to me, limits what I am really able to do. In our various moves, we’ve always needed to get rid of furniture or buy new pieces of furniture to better fit the house. Thankfully we have been able to make a little money with our relocation allowances to offset the costs of these expenses. It’s hard to invest much into furniture, especially, if we know that we may have to just get rid of it in a few years. One day we will have a forever home. Until then…

BudgetPretty things aren’t free, unfortunately. Often I settle for pieces that I LIKE, but may not LOVE because of the numbers on the price tags.  I’m just a natural tight wad! There are times when rooms in my home are just all out neglected because I don’t want to spend money on them. Bathrooms are always on the bottom of my decorating budget. As long as the toilet flushes and there’s soap to wash hands, what else do you need?

Time – At this point in my life, time is valuable. Decorating projects require time. Time to shop. Time to prep a room. Time to move furniture around. Time to clean up after the project is complete. There’s always some element of  trial and error before a space to looks the way I imagined in my mind.  Nothing ever works the way it’s supposed to on the first try at my house. Nail filler is my best friend! I also work better without distractions. As you can imagine, I have limited time without distractions, or when I don’t have other more pressing priorities like feeding my children or paying bills or getting kids to and from various activities. Hanging a picture or curtains naturally takes the backseat.

Fear – Not just in decorating, but in lots of areas of my life, I avoid new ventures out of fear. I don’t want to mess something up or waste money on supplies that I may end up just ruining. What if I put in all kinds of effort and then hate the end result or I get started and then get sidetracked and never finish? Anyone else have half finished projects sitting around? I also fear doing irreparable damage to doors, walls, or furniture! This perfectionistic part of my personality can be pretty paralyzing.

Do you have obstacles that keep you from creating lovely spaces in your homes? What are they and how can we help you crush them?